Push Money App is a Scam! 

Push Money App system looks like to be genuine but you should not believe its appearances. It is another full scam binary system, and this review will show why. In this review we will expose all the details of this system as a fraud. And, if you have received an invitation to sign-up with this program, think twice.

Why Push Money App System is not  legit!!!

As like many other binary scam systems out there, Push Money App scam is offering sky high returns and unrealistic earnings with a piece of “automated money making system”.

Alas! We’ve found multiple red flags and apparent lies while doing scam inspection of Push Money App.

Non-Existent Company

Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan claim to have their Push Money Company established in Portland, OR, USA. From the screenshot above, you can even see the cheque being issued by Push Money Company.

For a company to be based and operational in the United States, it must be registered under SEC list of companies.

Not only is Push Money company not registered under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, you won’t find any information about Push Money Company in Forbes and BBB directory.


The website was created in 2016 not in 2015

In the members’ page of pushmoneyapp.com, you can find the counters above that shows the overall earnings made by their clients since year 2015.

BUT, a shocking truth we found about PushMoneyApp in ‘whois.com’, the widely used internet resource for querying databases of any website. It clearly confirms that the website was created just a month before this review, on 09 Jan 2016.


The truth

In reality Dennis and Mike are affiliated with a binary broker and will earn commission for every new member who opens an account and deposit funds with them. Having this intention in mind, they encourage their members saying that “the more you deposit, the more money you can make”. Actually, the more money you deposit, the more THEY will get paid.

What Push Money App is Hiding from You

The disclaimer is linked with a well print that says “earnings disclaimer” at the bottom of their webpage, and it is mostly hidden from the normal users unless they are purposely looking for it.

By reading their Earnings Disclaimer, you will discover that there are no guarantees whatsoever and they will not be responsible if you deposit money and lose all your funds using the system!

Is Push Money App a Scam? 

It is easy to be convinced Push Money App offers a promising solution for binary options. However, after the surprising facts we have revealed in this review, we hope traders will understand the looming dangers waiting underneath this well-conceived and scam software.

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